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Need a coach, teacher or director?  Let's do this.

Celeste Pechous, located in Los Angeles, teaches around the country to those who want to reach their potential through the power of their voice, whether it's comedy, drama, public speaking, team building or just fun... we can make this happen.

  • Group or individual acting classes

  • Corporation improv workshops

  • Higher Education improv workshops

  • Retreats

  • ANYTHING where you want to build togetherness with different voices.

Workshops and classes can be composed to meet your specific needs and want.  Each workshop or a series of classes will be designed with your team, students and mission statement interwoven through a series of improv exercises promoting group mind, agreement, respect, listening and meeting goals together.  Call or email for details and rates. or 213.361.0651

Upcoming Workshops!

Character Lifecycle

January 4th, 4p - 7p 

Second City Hollywood

The Character LifeCycle class is a very intense study on character development. Students will work this challenging exercise by breathing life into one character and maintaining that character’s voice and body for the full three hours. Through improv and with each other, you will each create a fully-developed character from birth through death, allowing you to discover the different dimensions of this character’s life. It’s an emotional, concentrated character examination. LifeCycle is a demanding and powerful exercise that will change the way your characters play out in your future work and absolutely up your improv game. Be prepared to work!

Being in the Moment

February 17th, 3p - 5:30p

Finest City Improv

San Diego Improv Festival

"In the Moment" Improv - a portrayal of moments and connection. The greatest gift to an improv audience is watching improvisors existing in their character's life. Taking each step together, not knowing what is coming up next, or talking about what just happened.. rather, shifting our thoughts to the now. This workshop will allow you to explore different avenues to get you into the active, present moment. Portraying a living now. Exercises will not only drive scenes to take place in the moment in an active, present sense, but will also get the improvisors out of their head and erase the thoughts that take us, the improvisor, out of the moment and thinking about what move to make next. Exercises will focus on slow, emotionally driven scenes and exploring moments of truth. Up your game. "Free your mind and the rest will follow" - En Vogue.

Dosage Improv Workshops

Dosage Improv Workshops is a weekend-long, bi-monthly intensive workshop for the serious improvisor.  Four different concentrations, four different teachers, lunch, good times and you. 

Current and Past workshops/classes include:

Blizzard Entertainment

NBC Universal

Clarke University

The Second City


iO West

BGB Studios

North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony

Brentwood School

Burbank Senior Arts Colony

UC Irvine

Diversity Improv Festival

Student Spotlight!  Sofia Wylie is staring in Disney's Andi Mack and Nickelodeon's Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn!  I had the pleasure of prepping and working one on one with Sofia for several months and we worked both these auditions and she absolutely nailed it. So proud!

Teams and Ensembles coached by Celeste Pechous:

Alfred - House Sketch Team - Second City Hollywood

Bubbleplast - House Longform Team - Second City Hollywood

B.E.T.H. - Two-person, Long form

Tres Leches  - Long Form 

Pearl - Coach - All female Long Form

4 Locos - Long Form

Angry Cat Emoji  - Long Form

Search Engine - Long Form

Prudence and Purvis - Two-Person, Long Form

A Trump Christmas - Director, One-Act

Lady Bits - Director -  All Female Sketch Show

Blue Bellies - Harold House Team, iO West

Spanglish - Long Form

Class of 1898 - Short Form, Senior Citizen Ensemble

Uber Thurman - House Short-form Team - Second City LA

Shark Sandwich - Long Form

Lime and Coconut - Two person, Long Form

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